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Institut thématique Biologie cellulaire, développement et évolution


The conference will focus on broad and overlapping topics related to nuclear organization, with particular emphasis on the role of the nuclear periphery, chromatin and chromosome architecture in regulating genome function. The goal is to cover this broad area of investigation by presenting a large spectrum of molecular, genetic and cell biological approaches applied in a range of organisms, thanks to inclusion of multidisciplinary talks discussing overlapping subjects. This should facilitate a broad understanding of the field, even for participants at early stages of their careers or new to this area of investigation. The meeting venue can host around 200 participants, providing opportunities for extensive interactions among participants in a friendly and comfortable environment.

The program is a strong mix of excellent speakers covering a broad range of topics. Additional speakers will be selected on the basis of their abstract.

The meeting will take place in one of the National School for Architecture (http://www.paris-valdeseine.archi.fr/ecole/images.php) and exciting events will be organized to cross-fertilize our visions of architecture.

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