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From Gametes to Embryo: basic research and clinical applications

Paris, November 24, 2022

Grand Amphi GHU Sainte-Anne, 1 rue Cabanis, 75014 Paris,

and online

Sexual reproduction is essential for the propagation of species. It produces new living organisms by combining the genetic information of female and male gametes: oocytes and sperm. Their fusion forms an embryo, whose development is probably the most complex biological event that takes place in nature. However, despite decades of research, much remains to be done to understand where we come from, from gametogenesis, through fertilization, implantation and embryonic development. Recent developments in stem cell biology, mechanobiology, single cell studies, epigenetics, imaging and others have allowed discoveries that were previously inconceivable. This is a field where basic and clinical/translational research are heavily intertwined and cross-fertilize each other.
The conference will include invited talks (see Faculty) as well as short communications selected from abstracts and posters. We also invite startup companies to apply for presenting a short pitch.

    Attendance is free. Register here.

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    This meeting is part of a series of events, the "Paris Human Development Week", that also includes:

    • A meeting of the French Human Developmental Cell Atlas (HuDeCA, part of HCA) consortium, November 23. Check the preliminary program. Free registration here.